Never single again!

You have...

  • finally no longer wanting to be alone
  • but not yet found the woman for life
  • already taken many paths of partner search - so far without long-lasting success
  • always attracted to relationship types that do nat make you happy (or always only for a short time)

The ONLINE Speed-Dating Event is for you if you...

  • are open to new impulses and actions and want to act now
  • want strategically design your realationship instead of waiting romantically
  • want to get clarity about who really suits you
  • are 100% ready for a fulfilling long-term relationship

"Every adventure is just a decision away from you!"

-(Lisz Hirn) 

Join us and you will be surprised what the evening has to offer you!

We are Anke Mielke and Irene Xander, we were single for years and looking for the right woman and fulfilling realationship and lead through the evening.


International leadershipcoach &
operea singer

After 20 years of straight marriage and four children, my love for a woman has brought me to New York twice. Long-distance relationships, many dramas and unfulfilled expectations, so that after 14 years of looking for a partner I simply couldn't believe that I would actually still find the women for life… 


Relaxation specialist & Single counselor

I looked for the right partner in all corners of the world, got to know the most diverse cultures and tried out different types of relationships. But in all connections I was not really noticed for who I am: a creative with an incredible thirst of knowledge and curiosity about all kinds of topics. After I had worked out precisely for myself and had found what type of woman I was looking for, I met Irene.